1 Quick and Easy Way to Get HUNDREDS of Extra Man Hours Out of Your Staff.

You know, when you do a lot of volume in REO, you spend a lot of time looking at the big picture and you sometimes forget about the small improvements that could greatly impact the efficiency and morale of your team. Sit here for just a moment now and imagine that you are sitting in your office chair trying to get a little work done. As you stare at the words on your computer screen, words that look a lot like the ones you see on your screen now, black on a white background, you begin to feel yourself tuning in. The more you stare at these words and the the tasks they represent, the more you settle into your place and get so focused that you can almost feel your chest rise and fall with each breath you take. You are in your zone, to the point that you are feeling super energized and ready to accomplish the work of two or maybe even three people. Then all of a sudden... [...]