A Quick Fix for Drywall Discoloration in REO Properties for Sale

This is an oldie but a goodie. Enjoy!

It is quite common to find discoloration caused by water intrusion in abandoned foreclosure listings. Depending on the price and condition of the property, your client may choose to repair and replace or simply find a more cost-effective solution for getting the home free of potential safety hazards and ready for market. In this video, I'll show you how we creatively handled the situation in a property that had some discoloration in the basement. I should mention that I hear myself using the word "mold" in this video. I am incorrectly saying using this term. The drywall had discoloration and I am NOT a mold expert and could not identify it as discoloration of the drywall. Furthermore, you'll notice that I mention that it is less than 100 contiguous feet, which is the standard by which many companies determine whether or not full "remediation" is necessary. In this case, it was not. Take a look at the end result of our "fix". Also be sure to notice that I check to see if the source of the problem is fixed as well. In this case it was not and I had to report it to my REO Asset Manager and my contractor had to return and get it corrected. "Band Aids" don't work. Double check every time! Hey, a repair like this on a bank owned property isn't always a pretty process but it gets the job done safely and properly!