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Keeping Your REO Asset Managers Up to Date - A Quick Email Goes a Long Way

When you begin handling hundreds of properties at once you'll very quickly understand the value of controlling unnecessary phone calls and emails. Look, this business is just like any other. You can't leave your clients "hanging" and not expect to get nasty emails or urgent phone calls that totally screw up your frame of mind and disrupt your flow. If you are anything like me at all you know how bad a threatening email from an AM can set you off. When this happens in my business you BETTER hide your butt in a closet if you are the guy who caused it. I HATE being looked at as anything but the BEST. I am here to provide the very highest level of support for my AMs and I expect my staff to make their jobs easy. It's all so simple and it boils down to a high level of proactive communication. Here's what I mean by "proactive": I expect that whenever my staff completes a task, whenever a property closes, whenever an eviction is successfully performed, etc., that we take 30 seconds out of our day and write a quick email, or better yet, we pick up the phone and update our client. A simple "hey, just letting you know this was handled" goes a hell of a long way in keeping our phones from ringing off the hook with b.s. and our email box from filling up with inquiries. Better still, it tells your AM that you understand your role as their eyes and ears and that they never have to worry about you being on top of tasks and your properties. Selling REOs requires a lot of tact and energy. If you don't have either....get them or get out!