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Are Fee-Based BPOs REALLY a Good Way to Get REO Listings?

I guess if you're into a lot of cruel self-punishment and are too spineless to get out there and get yourself some face time with Asset Managers then your answer might be NO....but if you want to be an REO Rockstar then you'll delete every damn fee-based BPO request the minute they hit your email and immediately set your spam filter to kill it automatically the next time it finds it's way to your inbox! OK listen, there are a lot of people who make a living doing these things.. a healthy living? I doubt it. I don't know anyone who makes very much from doing them and I certainly don't know anyone worth speaking of who makes a high level of income in doing them. Yes, it Is possible to get listings from companies by doing BPOs (in fact, some require it as a prerequisite) but most big firms give you assignments based on the impression you make upon them as a reputable broker. When you know how to position yourself as THE expert, the guy EVERYONE desperately wants and NEEDS to hire then you can just cut right in line and start growing your business FAST without all the time wasting b.s. that many agents go through for little reward. Call me crazy but by the time I get paid my $65 for doing a stinking BPO I could have contacted some very good AMs who could potentially be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to me. It's the old principle of working "on" your business rather than "in" it. It goes a very LONG way when it comes to rapidly rowing your business. Hey, if you don't want to take my word for it then you keep saving all your little checks for a trip to Disneyland while I'm packing my bags  for Italy! If you want to be an REO Rock Star then you need to start thinking like a Rock Star...or I'll toss you off the bus like a used up groupie!