Often an new REO assignment comes in the form of an email with an address and asks you to "check occupancy". A good practice is to reference the tax records for the subject property BEFORE you perform your initial inspection. Every once in a while you'll find that an address has been "changed" or that a property is actually a group of properties (such as a quad or duplex). The result of inaccurately checking a property is usually an incomplete report and a slowdown in the REO processes for the subject property. "Not necessarily a big deal" you might think. But you would be wrong with that assessment. Many on-line platforms used by REO firms have a scoring system that rates you according to your speed when completing tasks. Missing small details can prove o be extremely costly, as your score may directly affect the number of properties that your client sends you. The point here is that small details matter. Take a little time for some due diligence up front and things tend to go smoothly.