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Watch The Books! The TOP Reason REO Brokers Go BROKE!

So, I got caught with my pants down and frankly I can't believe it. Just goes to show you that even when we're on top of our game there's someone who'll sneak something by you. My biggest nightmare...a bookkeeper who "took" me. Now I am NOT saying that she stole from me but I am saying that the books are a mess and I'm quite suspicious. Worse yet, she apparently has copied my QuickBooks file (with all of my data) onto a flash drive, took it with her and then deleted my master file from the server.....yikes! Folks, this happens to the best of us...OBVIOUSLY (haha-kidding!) so always be on your guard. I am fine however, because I am really good at making the operations of my business transparent and even though she "thought" she got me, we were able to recover a lot of the data because I have processes in place to prevent this kind of thing form doing too much damage. Did it hurt?-yes! Will it cost me a good amount of money in the end?-hell YES! Am I mad?-sort of. I prefer though to make sure that I get a little learning out of this. She did teach me that I needed a much higher level of transparency when it comes to the books. With the help of my office manager, who is a highly-skilled and damn SMART person, we have come up with an EASY way to prevent this. Heck, I can see at a glance now if things ever start to look "funny". This is going to be a GREAT topic for one of the next Rock Star calls because I personally know how sloppy bookkeeping can easily put even the most high powered brokers down for the count! Keep an eye out for this upcoming call. DO NOT MISS IT! I'll show you how this one simple system can be put in place in just a few days and can help keep your business in the black!