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3 "Top of Consciousness" Marketing Techniques that Will Bring In More REO Listings

As you REO Rockstars already know, I am the the guy who you can always follow to cut right to the front of the line. With my little tricks and secret tactics it's like I'm always on the preferred "guest list" when it comes to getting backstage with Asset Managers who are ready to give me properties. One solid way is to create a "fun" marketing piece that's centered around holidays and/or special newsworthy events (how many of you missed the Super Bowl or Valentine's Day or the Presidential election opportunities to put a twist on a marketing piece for something that's ALREADY top of mind?). These "missed chances" are what separate the winners from the guys with their heads in their hands on the sidelines. Be sure to not miss our upcoming call on "3 Sure Fire Marketing Secrets" where I'll talk about this in more detail AND I'll reveal the other two easy-to-implement BIG IMPACT tricks. Members, DO NOT miss this one!