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Non-Approved Services. Don't Let Your REO Vendor Get Away With this COSTLY Tactic!

OK I have seen this from almost every REO vendor that I have ever dealt with. Don't get me wrong; there are some very good and very solid vendors out there. I am not claiming that REO vendors are crooks. But I am telling you with 100% certainty that I have seen them "jump" on jobs they know they are not supposed to do without pre-authorization from your client and then ultimately from you, the guy left holding the bag for the expenses. Here is a good example that I am dealing with today in my business: Two days ago we had our vendor go out to assist the Sheriff with the lockout of a property. The vendor has done MANY of these for us in the past and KNOWS his responsibilities, however, in this instance, he decided to just "get some extra work done while they were there". Instead of finishing the eviction, re-keying the property and providing us with an estimate for trash out to submit to our client, they decided to go ahead and trash it out right there on the spot and then send us an invoice and expect payment. ha! NO WAY am I paying the first red cent to these guys until I have approval from the client. This behavior seriously pisses me off because now I have to call the AM and explain why the hell my vendor did this (which of course there is no good or valid reason) and play the little game of kissing butt in hopes that they will make it easy on me. Frankly, I don't blame the AM for kind of making me squirm. It is MY job to see that the lockout goes according to plan and if my staff or my vendor doesn't follow protocol than I must accept the responsibility since I'm the guy that hired them. In the end I'll likely get authorization but what a pain in the butt having to go though this process of apologizing and looking like an incompetent fool. Remember, you are the boss to these vendors. MINE better remember that!