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The #1 Safety Tip to ALWAYS Use When Entering an REO

I am ALWAYS concerned about entering an REO property, even in nice neighborhoods. The fact is that so many foreclosures are popping up that squatters and lowlifes are figuring out how to capitalize on the vacant nature of REOs (one of MY properties was actually featured on the 5:00 news the other day. THIS vagrant LOSER had re-keyed the property and was renting it out to unsuspecting tenants who we had to throw out on the street (NOT a good situation). Would you feel better if you knew how to make a potentially dangerous squatter or disgruntled former owner or tenant leave the home before you entered or would you like to end up with an image of a scowling face looking back at you in your camera while you're down in the unlit basement? Laugh if you like but this ACTUALLY happened to a friend of mine recently. As he went to snap a photo he looked into the preview screen of his camera and saw the face of a squatter who was standing directly in front if him as he snapped a photo of a dark room! It jolted him so much that he ran out of the house in fear. It all could have been avoided had he remembered this one simple but important tactic. I'll give you a involves noise-the RIGHT noise and the RIGHT words. REO Rockstars, I'll be sending out an email this week with the time and date of our next call. We'll be discussing one of the most important topics when it comes to dealing with REOs-Your Safety! As a side note: I actually heard a story from an AM recently about one of her brokers that was literally devoured by a BEAR on the front doorstep of one of their properties! CRAZY stuff does happen! Listen up on this call.