"LEADERSHIP". Is the drive in YOU?

Many many many times I have warned REO agents to avoid the fatal mistake(s) of becoming stagnant, complacent and/or just plain lazy. Yet, without fail, at least once a day I get whining from agents who can't wrap their brains around the fact that they are making ZERO progress with their "less than zero" efforts. Yup, I said LESS than zero. And that's because I consider "doing what everyone else is doing" to be a less than zero effort to do anything that would put you measurably ahead of the next guy. Ugh...makes me SICK to my stomach just thinking about this type of pathetic lack of fortitude as I write this post. I see it as a lot like a drag race, where the green light goes off and two run down old "beaters" sluggishly start down the track, each moving at exactly the same ridiculously slow speed until finally the wheels roll off half before the finish line is even in their sights. Silly? Maybe. But two underpowered, beat up old cars dying on the track really ain't much different than two lazy "hiding behind their computers" real estate agents watching the tires go flat on their businesses bubba. (excuse the slang...adds a little color to the stupidity here huh?)

Now that we're hopefully in agreement here, that YOU aren't the kind to sit around and do nothing, let's talk about making things happen. First of all, you also have my Uncensored REO Secrets System to show you several "get off your butt" actions that you NEED to be taking, in order to make real headway in REO. I have also given you the opportunity to get your hands on my REO Black Book (inside the FB Group) to give you a place to start. Notice that I said "START". You need to be using your Black Book to get to STEP 1-registering with banks. It is a VITAL step and a necessary step, but it cannot be where you stop and wait. Back to the car race analogy for a second. Imagine right now, being in that driver's seat, waiting for the light to go green, and then when it does, you fail to hit the gas. Where would you go? NO WHERE! It is s plainly obvious, yet this is exactly what many agents do. They sign up to race and they never leave the starting line. Look, REO requires ACTION and it requires keeping your MOMENTUM going. This means that you have to stay in action. You need to be registering with clients (to be on their "potential" agent list), then you need to be using ALL of the strategies in the e-book and the UREOS system (to build relationships that put you out in front of the thousands of "potential" agents who do NOTHING except "register and wait"), and then you need to do all of those things OVER and over AGAIN (to secure your "acceptance").

Then, as you start seeing success in landing clients and building inventory, you need to be using the techniques that you have learned, to deliver huge VALUE to your Asset Managers, so that you become a PREFERRED agent. You might be surprised at just how easy it is to do. Remember, the world of real estate isn't exactly populated with brain surgeons and over-achievers. By virtue of you putting forth the effort to participate in REO Rockstars and to invest in Uncensored REO Secrets, you are ALREADY half way down the track while most others are asleep at the wheel.

Point here is: Understand that "registering" is merely the first step in a "process" that you'll need to follow in order to get ahead and really kick butt in REO. If it were as easy as just raising your hand and saying "here I am", everyone would be a rock star. You didn't think it was THAT easy....did you?