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"Dipping" Into REO Preservation Profits-the LEGAL Way.

Many brokers ignore the guidelines provided to them by their clients that strictly prohibit them from profiting from property maintenance and preservation work performed on their own properties. I'll admit, the thought the enormous amount of money to be made is quite tempting...but I personally know a long time acquaintance who's sitting in the federal pen for 13 months for crossing the line and getting caught...still tempting?...not so much. REO Rockstars, look out for an upcoming call on how to leverage your preservation opportunities with your vendors to benefit your business in non-financial ways that don't cross any legal boundaries. One way is to require that they complete a full asset inspection report for you when they complete an estimate and to provide you with a full set of pictures documenting the inspection. This not only saves you a time sucking trip to inspect the property but it also can save you expensive "field rep" costs in the event that you can't go to the property yourself. If your client allows, it can also serve as an acceptable "asset inspection" which saves you and your staff one less report to worry about that month. Keeping it "clean" is the ultimate best way to see massive growth. On this special REO Rockstars call I'll teach you a handful of unique and above-board ways that you can use these opportunities to save your business money and to speed your growth with leverage.