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How to Do a Follow-Up REO Inspection - Yikes! Vandals Strike!

Most REO clients require that you revisit your properties at least once every month to inspect the home for new damage or changes and to certify that it is secured from unauthorized entry. After inspection, you'll submit what is commonly called an "MMR" (Monthly Marketing Report), also known as an "MSR" (Monthly Status Report)-just a little industry lingo you'll need to know. 😉 In this video I'll take you with me as I check on one of my properties and show you what the banks want you to be looking for. WARNING!: If you are offended by profanity and obscene graffiti then don't watch this! (and you probably WON'T want to do REO....'cause you'll need to get VERY used to it). C'mon inside and let me show you why it's not always a good thing to be a "KING"-ha!