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Who's Been Sleeping in MY REO? - Spooky!

No matter how "cute" a little house is or how "safe" a neighborhood may appear to be-NEVER assume that ANY REO is secure from vandals and squatters. Come with me as I walk you through one of my properties that we had recently secured and I'll show you how to spot the tell tale signs that someone has been coming and going......we'll start in the dark and dingy basement where NO REO agent wants to go! Funny story about dark basement: Recently a buddy of mine and fellow REO agent was taking pictures in a dark basement WITHOUT his flashlight. He was walking room to room and just snapping pics, relying on the flash to guide him along. Man did he get a surprise! After sticking his camera in a totally black room and snapping a quick shot, he looked at the preview screen and saw....a FACE! Haha! I don't think he's EVER moved so fast to get out of a house! Moral of the story: NEVER be too careful and ALWAYS bring your flashlight! He would have been at a HUGE disadvantage had that squatter decided to act violently.