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A Needle in a Haystack! PERFECT House in Challenging Area and Tips on How to Get it Ready to Sell Fast!

WOW do I LOVE coming across little gems like this one. I always say "don't curb qualify properties". Just because you see a bad zip code listed on the new assignment DO NOT assume that you got a bad house. The house in this video turned out to be the PERFECT little REO property. When I see these, I get so anxious to get them ready for sale because I know they're money in the bank. This one even had fresh paint and it looked like the lawn was cut that day, which led me to believe that it had to be occupied. Well, I'll show you a few of the ways I discover that it's probably ok to go inside AND exactly the steps I'll take to get this baby right up on the market! mmmmmmm.....4-sides brick,fresh paint,fenced yard,new kitchen....just makes my mouth water!