Why are REO Inventories Swinging Up and Down Right Now? What Can an REO Broker Do to Survive?

I get these questions daily from REO Rockstars subscribers and from foreclosure brokers that I am coaching; "What is happening with bank owned properties?" "Why are the inventory levels fluctuating so much now?" "What can I do to keep from going under?" My explanation is this: The government and the banks are trying desperately to manipulate flow of distressed properties from hitting the market and thus manipulate the VALUE that they can get for their homes. The government, of course, wishes to preserve home ownership and neighborhood values. The banks, of course, wish to SAVE MONEY and REDUCE LOSSES. As a result, we are seeing many new programs and strategies implemented, in an effort to keep foreclosures from taking place, and to offset losses, by disposing of bad debt though other means, like short sales. An interesting note that you may or may not know, is that banks are consistently seeing about a 15 point higher return on short sales vs. foreclosures-only makes sense that they look towards these alternatives, as additional methods of property disposition. Does this mean an END to REO is coming? [...]