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2 Useful REO Tools

There are certain tools that can just make life a heck of a lot easier if you're an REO broker.

RoboForm2GO is just about the best little piece of software that I have ever purchased. It auto-fills registration forms and remembers passwords to all of your clients' on-line platforms. I cannot tell you how strongly I feel about having this little tool. It WILL be the best $49.50 you have ever spent. I prefer the RoboForm2GO Pro version. It can be loaded on to a flash drive and you can take it with you wherever you go. Get RoboForm2GO here RIGHT NOW.

Your website should be very "buyer sticky". By that I mean that it should give buyers reasons to stay around and seek out more information. Let's face it, buyers want to see homes. They don't care about how great you are or about your silly sales pitches. I have always gotten the best results by providing a "one stop shop" for REO searchers. I found exactly ONE IDX software that can be fully customized to your own specs - IDX Broker. Do not be fooled by companies who say there's is customizable. If you can't have access to the code then you can't really customize. For example: on my website I have been able to code in special parameters that identify potential REO properties and short sales in ways that I could NOT do with any other IDX provider. This is like GOLD to REO investors and they come back to my site over and over each day. Try IDX Broker. It's the only truly customizable IDX solution on the market today.