Can you REALLY Tell if Your New REO Property is Vacant?

One thing I've learned in selling REOs is that occupants can really act strange. They REALLY make it hard for you to know if they are still living in the house or if they are just using it as a storage bin! There are a few little tricks you learn as a broker than can tip you off as to what's REALLY going on with a property. You can do things like check the electric meter for service, put tape across an entry door and never forget: TALK TO THE NEIGHBORS! With a little know-how you can learn to uncover what's really going on. Watch this video and see what I mean. This one is a battle between a disgruntled neighbor who's sick of the eyesore next door (who actually Re-KEYED the property) and the these sneaky occupants who actually BREAK IN to their own house over and over again! Yeeessshhhhh......always something new in the REO biz!