Saturday September 24 , 2016

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Want to Sell REO properties? Here's 1 Quick & Easy Way to Cut in Line...

If you haven't already taken advantage of "Uncensored REO Secrets" then invest in your copy today. It's the simplest and easiest way to discover how to jump into the business of selling bank-owned homes. As a result of the most common questions that I get from coaching members and other aspiring REO brokers that I frequently meet, I put this quick little "blueprint" together, that outlines the most critical steps that you'll need to take, and the most deadly pitfalls that you MUST avoid, in order to start getting assignments from banks and asset management companies.


How to KEEP Getting REO Listings...What Asset Managers want to see.

Good morning all. Just a very quick post to remind everyone that you will NOT get away with slacking on utility connections. I realize that this may seem to be a post with a very obvious meaning but I have to tell you that this is probably one of the biggest hangups that AMs have to deal with. I would roughly guesstimate that at least HALF...yeah HALF of the REO properties that I visit DO NOT have utilities activated. I also know with absolute certainty that almost ALL Master Listing Agreements contain a special section regarding broker responsibilities, specifically, ACTIVATING UTILITIES.  I was reminded of this sore subject by an email received from a client today,


How Smart is the Government in "Purchasing" Underwater Homes Through FHA Refinance?

Folks, I have seen a lot of wild things in the REO business over the last few years (HAFA, HAMP, etc.) but this one really takes the cake. The government is now apparently using TARP funds, to the tune of some 14 Billion dollars, to assist in providing special refinancing options for home owners who are "upside down" in their mortgages, by encouraging lenders to write down loans. Now for me, it raises some interesting questions:


How to Deal with Corruption in REO

Did I say CORRUPTION?!!! You bet I did!

If you've been selling bank foreclosures as an REO broker for any length of time, you've undoubtedly run into a "proposal" that smelled "fishy", didn't seem right, or just kinda made you go "hhhhmmmmmm".... It seems that around every corner there's a guy or girl trying to make a quick buck from everyone-problem is, it's not always LEGALLY. To be right up front and honest with you, this kind of b.s. gets my blood boiling, to the point where I'd like nothing more than to ram my fist down someone's throat, every time I hear such an offer. Wow...that sounded harsh! haha...actually, I'm not a violent guy, and I would never do such a thing, but I sure want you to have a vivid mental picture about how strongly I feel about running a "clean" business, rather than a sleazy one. Let me give you an actual example of the kind of thing I am talking about here, in case you've yet to come across this sort of impropriety:


(Lack of) SPEED KILLS! - A Useful REO Time Saving Tool that Instantly Gives You a 33% Boost!

Do you know the #1 killer of an REO business? No, it ain't strong competition bubba (gosh knows there's a gaping hole where THAT should be)! And it isn't bad luck either. It IS the in-ability of lazy, coffee-drinking, sit at their computer all day, whine and moan about the economy, God's gift to REO, "prima donna" brokers, to get off their fat butts and get their tasks COMPLETED on time! Let me tell you, if you want to be tossed to the curb quicker than Tiger Woods at a Swedish family reunion, then you just GO AHEAD BE LATE big boy! Your Asset Managers will cut your legs out from under you so fast that your competition won't even notice you've disappeared! O.K. look, when you're selling bank owned foreclosures, it is absolutely CRITICAL to have ROCK-SOLID systems in place, to handle the multitude of things that are thrown your way every day.


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