UREOS Course Videos - Week 1

WARNING: This may be the most useful information you will ever receive about making tons of MONEY and making it FAST in the REO game.

This under-wraps information is made available only to REO Rockstars members and cannot be found elsewhere. The contents of the material found on the FB group are so valuable that we DO NOT ADVERTISE it publicly, not even to you when you registered for REO Rockstars membership. It has been PROVEN to change the lives of agents and brokers. Yes, that’s a very bold statement. Test me and see if it’s true. We have packed tons of powerful strategies and techniques into the FB group.

I have a LOT to share with you and we will be adding more top agent secrets every week. You’ll also get to interact with me directly every day. I am going to explode your business and help you to create a life like mine that's full of PASSION, FREEDOM and LOTS of MONEY. Best of all, you’ll be able to use these tools not only in REO, but in traditional real estate also. You’ll soon discover that the secrets are all hidden plain sight. When it all finally clicks, It will be as if a powerful spotlight in your mind is constantly illuminating the opportunities all around you and zeroing you in right to the center of the bullseye. You can literally double, triple or even 20X your income without exhausting effort.

Here are just a few of the things you will find inside the private Mastermind FB Group:

REO Blackbook - REAL CONTACTS for Asset Managers and SECRET Registration Links for Banks and Asset Managers Who are Accepting Applications in TODAY'S REO World. Mike's Personal “Black Book" that is Constantly Updated.

Quick Acceptance REO Listing Agent Application Documents - Formatted EXACTLY the Way Asset Managers WANT to See Them So You Can “Cut In Line” In Front of Other Agents and IMMEDIATELY be Accepted as a Listing Vendor.

Ultimate Success Blueprint & REO Team Positions Manual - How to PLAN for Success and Execute for MAXIMUM PROFIT in REO. PLUS....The UNDER-WRAPS Position Manual for Creating EASY Leverage with an Efficient Team.

"HIRE Me NOW" REO Flyer - The Secret Weapon to Use at Conferences and In-Person Meetings that Gets You Business ON THE SPOT!

Magic Door Opening Resumes - Mike's Personal Resume for You to Copy. You Can Literally SWIPE Mike's Carefully Crafted Resume and Use It to OPEN DOORS That Have Been Slammed Shut on Other Agents for Years!

"How to Find and Talk to THE Asset Managers that can and will hire you NOW"

….and a LOT MORE that isn’t publicly disclosed.

...and a LOT MORE that isn’t publicly disclosed.

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Welcome To Week 1
Video 1- REO Basics You Need to Know
Video 2- 5 Quick & Easy Ways to Start Making $
Video 3- Expert "Mass Attraction Marketing" Ads
Video 4/5- The Making of A Powerful "Mass Attraction Marketing" Piece
(Part 1 and 2)

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