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Congratulations on enrolling in the Uncensored REO Secrets Course v2.0. This is by far the best, most helpful and comprehensive information available for quickly getting started in REO and for accelerating your current REO production. The course moves very fast, as I take you through every process that I have ever used to sell hundreds of REOs per year, in just 30 days.

It is imperative that you READ EVERYTHING BELOW RIGHT NOW:

For SUPPORT or REFUNDS (within the 60-Day Guarantee Period) CALL US @ 404-424-8418. We STRICTLY honor our "Honor System" refund policy.
You MUST call us directly and NOT your credit card company to be issued a prompt refund.

Failing to do so WILL result in a serious delay of your refund. - View Additional Info Here


* You may instantly access REO Rockstars and watch your UREOS 2.0 Course videos.. Watch them at your leisure and write down EVERY question that arises as you watch each of them. When you finish each video, log in to REORockstars.com and POST YOUR QUESTIONS FOR THAT VIDEO IN THE FB GROUP. I will personally answer all of your questions. If you want your questions answered then POST them.

* Recorded Q&A calls for each week have been included for you to listen to AFTER you have listened to all of the videos for each week. To listen to the calls, just click the "Q&A Calls Replays" button on the left side of each of the course pages Click here to view call replays.. Remember, if you have additional questions that are not answered on the Q&A calls, post them in the forums on REO Rockstars.com and I will personally answer them for you.

* You will receive the videos for ALL weeks (Week 1-4) videos at the start of your course. I would not recommend skipping ahead. I am presenting them in an order that is engineered to get you going and learning the fastest way possible. This is a "no fluff" course and we will move rapidly through specific processes from "basic" to "highly advanced".

* Your Audio Copies of your course modules will arrive at your shipping address in 7 days or less. DO NOT WAIT for them to arrive before you watch your videos. You will get left behind.

* When your 4 weeks of the video course are completed, you will be joining in on LIVE Q&A calls with me as a "Graduate" member of REO Rockstars. Be sure to watch the videos and TAKE ACTION during the 4 weeks of the Uncensored REO Secrets 2.0 course so you will be ready to be a member of our exclusive Graduate group.





Forums are found Here

ALL questions not DIRECTLY RELATED to REO should be addressed by opening a CONTACT FORM.


* Relative Captivity Indicator (RCI)

Please take 7 minutes RIGHT NOW (if you have NOT already) and complete the Relative Captivity Indicator Assessment (RCI), so that I may get to know you better on a personal level. This gives me such a tremendous way of knowing how to transfer the learning to you in a way that you will learn the fastest. Keep in mind that there are no wrong answers. You are an individual. It is for my purposes only. When you have completed the RCI, please email a copy of the results to my production team at rci@reorockstars.com .



If you have a support issue, please open a SUPPORT TICKET and do not email me directly. I am here to answer REO specific questions. My support team will provide excellent response for your support issues (payments, shipping, technical issues, etc.). REO questions for me should be posted in the FORUMS.

You can open a support ticket by clicking the tab on the left side of the REORockstars.com home page or by CLICKING HERE NOW

Typical Support Issues:


-Site Access


-Technical Issues

-Anything else related to your membership that is not an REO RELATED QUESTION

Customer Support is available Monday through Friday 8am - 5 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Your questions will be answered during those hours.

REFUNDS POLICY: You may receive a full refund of your purchase price of Uncensored REO Secrets 2.0 at any time within 60 calendar days of your order date (not the date you receive the package-the date that you order the system). If you find the system to not be worth $97 x 3 pmts. as per the Honor System request that Mike made of you on the webinar , we will refund the entire purchase price  We operate on complete Honor and we ask that you do too. So, if you honestly feel that the system is not worth the $97x3 pmts. just call us at 404-424-8418. We will not accept RMA# requests via email. Once you receive your RMA# just send the materials back to the address below with the RMA# written on the label and as soon as we receive them your refund will be issued.  All materials must be received by us no later than 60 days from the original order date.  All refunds MUST include an RMA#. No refunds will be issued for any materials received later than 60 calendar days from the original order date or without an RMA#. We cannot refund the $29 shipping charge but we will refund the full product price of $291.00.

Please return the Uncensored REO Secrets 2.0 system to the following address:

Marketing Members

1180 Red Town Rd
Elgin TX 78621

Sort of "the biggest no-brainer in the history of Earth here" huh?


You receive 30 calendar days free beginning the date of your order, and then you are billed $67 month until you cancel. There is no contract whatsoever and you can cancel anytime and receive a refund on your most recent charge that occurred within 1 calendar day prior to the date that you canceled. You may not receive a refund for more than one month of group coaching and website membership. All cancellation requests must be emailed to support@millionaireagentacademy.com. We will not issue monthly group coaching refunds via telephone.  Please include the date of the last charge for which you are requesting a refund (must be within 1 calendar day of your cancellation request) in your request for cancellation of group coaching.


Again, things are going to move pretty quickly, so start watching your videos and...


...Get Ready to ROCK

Talk soon,


P.S. I find that most new course members have a lot of questions before the course starts. Log in to REORockstars.com and POST YOUR QUESTIONS IN THE FORUMS right now so that I can answer them for you. Take this very seriously. POST AT LEAST ONE QUESTION NOW before you go any further. As I mentioned in the workshop before you joined, I require that ALL participants in the course play an active part in sharing and Q&A. Your question will help others.

P.P.S. To locate the FORUMS use the navigation at the top of the page or click the FORUM button on the left side of the page ONCE YOU ARE LOGGED IN. You cannot access ANY information until you are logged in to REORockstars.com.

P.P.P.S. Be sure to go to Facebook and Twitter right now to follow REO Rockstars because I give out TONS of free REO tips to teach you how to succeed and never get BLACKLISTED from REO clients.


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