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Please bear in mind that while I reveal a wealth of information that will help you to reach new heights in REO, some topics may be reserved for private coaching and may not be appropriate for discussion in the public FB forum. I take a very limited number of exclusive private coaching clients. If you would like to inquire about making the most money possible and apply for private coaching, please email me directly at -Mike

Here are just a few of the things you will find inside the private Mastermind FB Group:

30-Day REO FAST Listing Guide - The CRITICAL Steps You MUST Take in Order to Get Business FAST

REO Blackbook - REAL CONTACTS for Asset Managers and SECRET Registration Links for Banks and Asset Managers Who are Accepting Applications in TODAY'S REO World. Mike and Kevin's Personal “Black Books" that are Constantly Updated.

Quick Acceptance REO Listing Agent Application Documents - Formatted EXACTLY the Way Asset Managers WANT to See Them So You Can “Cut In Line” In Front of Other Agents and IMMEDIATELY be Accepted as a Listing Vendor.

Ultimate Success Blueprint & REO Team Positions Manual - How to PLAN for Success and Execute for MAXIMUM PROFIT in REO. PLUS....The UNDER-WRAPS Position Manual for Creating EASY Leverage with an Efficient Team.

"HIRE Me NOW" REO Flyer - The Secret Weapon to Use at Conferences and In-Person Meetings that Gets You Business ON THE SPOT!

Magic Door Opening Resumes - Mike and Kevin's Personal Resumes for You to Copy. You Can Literally SWIPE Our Carefully Crafted Resumes and Use Them to OPEN DOORS That Have Been Slammed Shut on Other Agents for Years!

"How to Find and Talk to THE Asset Managers that can and will hire you NOW"

ZERO Cost Direct-Marketing - A BRILLIANT System that Shows YOU How to Market Effectively for FREE

"Do You Want to Save BIG at the Closing Table?" - Have Investors Swarming to Put CASH in YOUR Pocket

"How to Use YouTube to Generate Investor Leads and SELL Properties FAST!"

"Quickly Sell the Top 5 Buys" - The ULTIMATE REO Marketing Tool Create EASY COMMISSIONS!

REO Intake Forms - Everything You NEED to "Check In" New Listings.

REO Investor Forms - "The Blueprint" that Makes Investor Sales a BREEZE.

Weekly Social Media Planner - How To Prepare Your Posts to be QUICK INCOME Generators

Nationwide Contractor list - Now You KNOW Who to Call

Market Update Templates - A POWERFUL Tool to Put Landing New Clients on Auto-Pilot

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