Training Agents Who SELL Your REO Properties....Most Don't "Get" It.

So yesterday I failed...Well, actually my staff failed but that means that ultimately I was responsible. the self blame out of the way. Is it supposed to feel good to take responsibility or is it just the right thing to do? Who knows and WHO CARES! 😉 Anyway, I get an email from my office manager telling me to call a particular selling broker, who was upset about how the negotiations were going on one of my listings. He really could not believe that his buyer's offer was flat out "rejected" without a seller counter right in the middle of negotiations (very short negotiations I might add...his buyer was WAY low on price). Anyway, long and short of it was that did not "believe" that banks would just stop negotiating in mid-stream and force a buyer to either walk or counter their own counter. The guy actually believed that the bank was using his offer to shop other offers. He REALLY just didn't "get it"! So how do you (and how do I NORMALLY) prevent this? [...]