(Lack of) SPEED KILLS! - A Useful REO Time Saving Tool that Instantly Gives You a 33% Boost!

Do you know the #1 killer of an REO business? No, it ain't strong competition bubba (gosh knows there's a gaping hole where THAT should be)! And it isn't bad luck either. It IS the in-ability of lazy, coffee-drinking, sit at their computer all day, whine and moan about the economy, God's gift to REO, "prima donna" brokers, to get off their fat butts and get their tasks COMPLETED on time! Let me tell you, if you want to be tossed to the curb quicker than Tiger Woods at a Swedish family reunion, then you just GO AHEAD BE LATE big boy! Your Asset Managers will cut your legs out from under you so fast that your competition won't even notice you've disappeared! O.K. look, when you're selling bank owned foreclosures, it is absolutely CRITICAL to have ROCK-SOLID systems in place, to handle the multitude of things that are thrown your way every day. [...]