Haha...I'm BACK!...and You Better "Listen Up"!

Haha again! I've pulled this article out of my archives for you to see the eerily frightening similarities that have come back from the grave to stare us dead int he eyes again in today's market. It is truly shocking that we run right back into the same dark caverns that killed our spirits in the last crash.... -Cash out refis skyrocketing -Low doc land low down payment loans -Buying at the top of the market -"Forgetting about resetting LIBORs and HELOCS ...geeez...we are in trouble...the Zombies are coming again. Get the survival gear out and sleep with one eye open...   Hello again REO Rockstars! As many of you know, I have been a regular road warrior lately, going cross country for weeks at a time to get knee-deep in the trenches with the big shots of the REO world. Accept my apology for the delay in new posts, but trust me, you won't think I owe you anything-nada-when you soak in all of the knowledge that I've gained to share with all of  you in the next few months. In case you haven't noticed, things are changing quite a bit in our industry. Banks are telling us of MONSTROUS foreclosure numbers that are looming like giant storm clouds ready to crash down on just about every major city in the country. While many people have been listening to the b.s. being spewed out by the media that "times are getting better", I'm here to tell you that we're merely in the eye of the foreclosure storm-and a TERRIFYING storm it's gonna be.....that is, except for us REO guys! [...]