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3 Sure Fire Ways to Keep Your REO Listings and to Get More...

Sometimes we get so caught up in building and marketing our businesses that we just sort of "overlook" what's happening "in" our business. Now you all know what a huge proponent I am of working "on" your business rather than "in" it, and I truly don't see the practice of stopping to look around at your own business once in a while as anything different. I have always kind of liked the idea of having a friend periodically call your business as a buyer and seeing how the call is handled. The results may scare you. [...]

1 Quick and Easy Way to Get HUNDREDS of Extra Man Hours Out of Your Staff.

You know, when you do a lot of volume in REO, you spend a lot of time looking at the big picture and you sometimes forget about the small improvements that could greatly impact the efficiency and morale of your team. Sit here for just a moment now and imagine that you are sitting in your office chair trying to get a little work done. As you stare at the words on your computer screen, words that look a lot like the ones you see on your screen now, black on a white background, you begin to feel yourself tuning in. The more you stare at these words and the the tasks they represent, the more you settle into your place and get so focused that you can almost feel your chest rise and fall with each breath you take. You are in your zone, to the point that you are feeling super energized and ready to accomplish the work of two or maybe even three people. Then all of a sudden... [...]

How to KEEP Getting REO Listings...What Asset Managers want to see.

Good morning all. Just a very quick post to remind everyone that you will NOT get away with slacking on utility connections. I realize that this may seem to be a post with a very obvious meaning but I have to tell you that this is probably one of the biggest hangups that AMs have to deal with. I would roughly guesstimate that at least HALF...yeah HALF of the REO properties that I visit DO NOT have utilities activated. I also know with absolute certainty that almost ALL Master Listing Agreements contain a special section regarding broker responsibilities, specifically, ACTIVATING UTILITIES.  I was reminded of this sore subject by an email received from a client today, [...]

Signs that Banks may be Getting Ready to Unleash an REO Tsunami...

Well folks, there's a few telltale signs that the REO climate is about to change.....yep, the clouds are thickening, the skies are grey and the wind is whirling around like a funnel cloud ready to whip out debris across the countryside! The REO storm appears to be right upon us. So hold on to your hats! Ok, here's what I, and a few of my most trusted colleagues, both brokers and other REO industry "insiders" have been observing: [...]

Secrets of BIG REO Brokers

The REO business is really something that amazes me at times. I look around and I wonder "how does this guy (or girl) stay in business" ALL the time. I'm always visiting properties and seeing windows and doors unsecured, obvious vandalism occurring and not being noticed, unattended roof leaks...and on an on. It is very easy to see why Asset Managers get so upset with brokers who don't pay attention to their properties. It seems as if brokers just say "well my clients are out of state so they'll never know if I don't visit my properties every month"....BS! [...]

Haha...I'm BACK!...and You Better "Listen Up"!

Haha again! I've pulled this article out of my archives for you to see the eerily frightening similarities that have come back from the grave to stare us dead int he eyes again in today's market. It is truly shocking that we run right back into the same dark caverns that killed our spirits in the last crash.... -Cash out refis skyrocketing -Low doc land low down payment loans -Buying at the top of the market -"Forgetting about resetting LIBORs and HELOCS ...geeez...we are in trouble...the Zombies are coming again. Get the survival gear out and sleep with one eye open...   Hello again REO Rockstars! As many of you know, I have been a regular road warrior lately, going cross country for weeks at a time to get knee-deep in the trenches with the big shots of the REO world. Accept my apology for the delay in new posts, but trust me, you won't think I owe you anything-nada-when you soak in all of the knowledge that I've gained to share with all of  you in the next few months. In case you haven't noticed, things are changing quite a bit in our industry. Banks are telling us of MONSTROUS foreclosure numbers that are looming like giant storm clouds ready to crash down on just about every major city in the country. While many people have been listening to the b.s. being spewed out by the media that "times are getting better", I'm here to tell you that we're merely in the eye of the foreclosure storm-and a TERRIFYING storm it's gonna be.....that is, except for us REO guys! [...]

Top 3 Ways that Brokers Get REO Listings...and the 1 Deadly Sin You Should NOT Commit!

I frequently discuss different strategies, that REO brokers can use, to get REO listings, on REO Rockstars calls. And because we're dead smack at the onset of home selling season, I thought I'd take just a quick minute, to share 3 of the best ways to get bank owned properties (even though some of you THICK HEADED agents may have been too lazy to sit in on my last one hour FREE REO coaching call ;-). So here's the "lazy man's" way to cut in line and get your pipeline of foreclosure listings filled right up. [...]

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Why are REO Inventories Swinging Up and Down Right Now? What Can an REO Broker Do to Survive?

I get these questions daily from REO Rockstars subscribers and from foreclosure brokers that I am coaching; "What is happening with bank owned properties?" "Why are the inventory levels fluctuating so much now?" "What can I do to keep from going under?" My explanation is this: The government and the banks are trying desperately to manipulate flow of distressed properties from hitting the market and thus manipulate the VALUE that they can get for their homes. The government, of course, wishes to preserve home ownership and neighborhood values. The banks, of course, wish to SAVE MONEY and REDUCE LOSSES. As a result, we are seeing many new programs and strategies implemented, in an effort to keep foreclosures from taking place, and to offset losses, by disposing of bad debt though other means, like short sales. An interesting note that you may or may not know, is that banks are consistently seeing about a 15 point higher return on short sales vs. foreclosures-only makes sense that they look towards these alternatives, as additional methods of property disposition. Does this mean an END to REO is coming? [...]

How to Structure an REO Deal That a Hard Money Lender Will Finance

I get this question on REO Rockstars calls a lot so let me share a bit of free insight on why REO agents and investors buying bank owned homes have their hopes of a golden finish blow out violently, like a speed skater who's shoved into the boards, trying to squeeze out Apollo Ohno on the last turn before the finish line! Grab a pen and paper and take some notes my friend. This stuff is not for the fainthearted but it doesn't take 4 years of torturous training either-just a tiny little bit if focus. You can manage that can't you? 😉 ...Every day my office receives offers from these "would be" investors. Seems like everyone has taken some class, "learned from a friend", or just plain walks blindly into the "investor" game. Now not to be critical of REAL investors here. We do business with PLENTY of super smart guys who make a very good living at this. But how do they do it? Well, it begins with the basics of knowing HOW to structure a deal that just makes sense. Contrary to what the "wanna be" guys seem to think, a great deal involves a heck of a lot more than looking at a few comps and speculating on a flip price. Bluntly, It is not the HOUSE that matters. It's the PLAN. Smart investors, the guys who actually make a career out of this (and no, I'm not talking about some of these TV goofballs who make me cringe as they buy termite infested, water logged, structurally defunct houses and end up rebuilding from the foundation up-HACKS!), break the numbers down to the last penny, including the financing factors. First, they have to consider "where" they are going to get the non-occupant financing and more importantly "how" they are going to convince the hard money guy to fork over a chunk of change to finance the project. [...]

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